Communication Skills

Communication Skills services offered in the greater Irvine, CA area

If you have trouble communicating and need help overcoming the problems it causes, reach out to Julia Renedo, PsyD, at Mente Operandi for help. Dr. Renedo specializes in communication skills training for individuals, couples, and executives, with all sessions taking place via secure telehealth for maximum accessibility. Call Mente Operandi to request further information on communication skills training or schedule a consultation by completing the online booking form.

Communication Skills Q & A

Why are communication skills so important?

Almost everything you do, particularly when it involves others, requires some form of communication. If you lack effective communication skills, it prevents you from understanding and being understood.

This might not be a major problem if you place the wrong coffee order, but it could have a considerable effect on significant aspects of your life, causing issues such as:

  • Poor school and work performance
  • Lack of career progression
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Poor mental health
  • Divorce
  • Frequent conflicts
  • Anger issues
  • Poor parenting skills
  • Family disharmony

At its most basic level, communication involves exchanging information. However, there’s far more to consider when communicating, such as understanding intentions and emotions, clarifying information, ensuring everyone involved grasps the intended meaning, and allowing everyone to feel heard.

Isn’t communication a natural human ability?

Communication is the underpinning of human society, so you’d think it would come naturally. Speaking does for most people (although some, like those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), have developmental reasons for lacking communication skills); nevertheless, conversations don’t always go smoothly.

For example, you say one thing, and whoever you’re speaking to interprets what you’ve said in an entirely different way. The resulting misunderstanding causes frustration and disagreement. To complicate matters, people often lie, deliberately mislead, don’t know what they’re talking about, or struggle to express themselves.

Why do I have poor communication skills?

Some people struggle to communicate because they don’t get the support and encouragement needed when developing these skills as children. Other common issues include:

Stress and strong emotions

When you feel stressed or upset, you’re more prone to misinterpret what others say and give confusing nonverbal signals.

Lack of focus

You can’t communicate clearly if you’re not concentrating on the conversation.

Erratic body language

Body language should reflect what someone’s saying, so it’s confusing if their words imply one thing and their facial expressions suggest something different. For example, saying yes while shaking your head instead of nodding can cause confusion

Negative body language

You don’t have to agree with someone to communicate effectively, but using negative body language (like crossing your arms) makes people defensive.

Dr. Renedo is highly skilled in helping people improve their communication skills and runs executive coaching sessions using the Process Communication Model®. Call Mente Operandi today to schedule a communication skills consultation or book an appointment online.