Divorce services offered in the greater Irvine, CA area

Divorce is an immensely stressful experience and a major life change. If you’re struggling to navigate separation and divorce, talk to Julia Renedo, PsyD, at Mente Operandi. She offers divorce counseling for former couples and individuals, making it easier to survive the process and move on. Counseling takes place using secure telehealth technology for optimal convenience. Call Mente Operandi or schedule a consultation online today to make your divorce experience less distressing.

Divorce Q & A

I’m getting divorced — how do I get through it?

Divorce is among the most stressful life transitions you can experience. Even if the split is amicable, there’s an immense amount to do and significant changes to manage. If the divorce isn’t amicable, stress, pressure, and disruption can be overwhelming.

It’s important to have a support network in place — people who can offer practical and emotional assistance. This could be difficult if the separation has affected your relationships with family and friends. In addition, you may feel you’d benefit from professional help and an unbiased viewpoint.

Other reasons for undergoing divorce counseling include:

  • Frequent or explosive arguments
  • Difficulty agreeing on issues like money and childcare
  • Inability to communicate productively
  • Anxiety about the effects on children
  • Feelings of loss and grief

Dr. Renedo offers divorce counseling to help people get through the process with the least possible distress.

What does divorce counseling involve?

The form your divorce counseling takes depends on what you need:

Pre-divorce counseling

Pre-divorce counseling helps couples who are planning to separate or have embarked on the divorce process. Dr. Renedo acts as an impartial mediator, helping you work through the issues caused by divorce.

Post-divorce counseling

Following a divorce, you and your ex-partner may still have problems to iron out, particularly with things like how your children split their time between you and how the other person approaches parenthood.

Individual counseling

If you’re having a tough time coping with divorce before or after, seeing Dr. Renedo one-to-one can help enormously.

Divorce counseling offers you a safe space to address your issues respectfully and get an impartial view of your situation. Dr. Renedo doesn’t tell you what to do or make decisions for you. Instead, she guides you and your ex-partner so you make your own choices based on effective communication.

Can I start over after the divorce?

It’s often hard for people to see themselves starting over after divorce, especially when they didn’t want to split up or the relationship was abusive.

Additionally, you might feel guilty about the effects on your children, ashamed about what’s happened, and think you’re a failure because you’re divorced.

However bad you feel, Dr. Renedo’s expert guidance and support give you a solid foundation on which to build a new life.

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