Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching services offered in the greater Irvine, CA area

Anyone seeking career progression could benefit from investing in their social and communication skills. Julia Renedo, PsyD, at Mente Operandi, specializes in executive coaching using the Process Communication Model® (PCM). You receive all your training online through a secure telehealth connection for optimal convenience. Call Mente Operandi today to learn how you can boost your career with executive coaching or schedule a consultation online.

Executive Coaching Q & A

What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching improves your work performance. It identifies areas requiring improvement and helps you change behaviors that affect your business’s results.

An executive coaching course is an effective way of helping people who are taking on a new role or more responsibility. You develop self-awareness, increase emotional intelligence, appreciate different perspectives, and foster self-confidence while avoiding arrogance.

What benefits does executive coaching offer?

Executive coaching has numerous benefits, including:

  • Strengthened communication skills
  • Improved team performance
  • Positive change management
  • Better use of time
  • Increased focus
  • Enhanced resilience
  • Strategic thinking skills development

At Mente Operandi, Dr. Renedo tailors your executive coaching course to address your specific needs after thoroughly evaluating your existing skills and learning why you’re seeking executive coaching.

What does executive coaching involve?

Dr. Renedo specializes in helping people improve their communication skills. Improving communication strengthens relationships, promotes trust and respect, improves teamwork and problem-solving, and boosts social and emotional health.

If you have problems communicating, Dr. Renedo helps you identify what might be preventing you from expressing yourself clearly. She discusses the problems you experience and identifies your barriers to good communication. You learn how to:

  • Calm yourself before a conversation
  • Listen to others
  • Focus on the conversation
  • Avoid sending negative signals
  • Express your thoughts coherently
  • Use appropriate body language

Roughly 55% of communication relies on interpreting body language, so it’s vital not to underestimate the importance of nonverbal communication and tone of voice.

Dr. Renedo’s in great demand for her expertise in the Process Communication Model (PCM) for leaders and executives.

How does PCM help with executive coaching?

PCM focuses on advanced communication. For example, you learn about the six personality types that everyone has within them:

  • Promoter
  • Rebel
  • Harmonizer
  • Thinker
  • Imaginer
  • Persister

People don’t fit neatly into one personality type; rather, everyone has a different combination of all six types, with one usually being dominant. Each personality type has specific strengths, but none is better or worse.   

Dr. Renedo teaches you about these personality types and how you can identify the best ways to communicate with people by determining which they most strongly identify with. Recognizing these differences is critical for making connections, motivating staff and colleagues, and resolving disagreements.

Call Mente Operandi to arrange executive coaching or schedule a consultation online today to learn more about personality types and other PCM topics.